How to manufacture PCBs/PCBA in ALLPCB?

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How to manufacture PCBs/PCBA in ALLPCB?

Postby Florida123 » Wed May 22, 2019 6:38 am

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How to manufacture PCBs/PCBA in ALLPCB? ALLPCB offers one-stop PCB and PCB Assembly services, This video covers the most important steps when producing a multi-layer PCB in ALLPCB factory and the PCB Assembly service we have offered. Order at ( Free for first order for new customers)

ALLPCB Department: is a modern high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, production and sales, headquartered in Hangzhou, China, with 1,300+ square meters modern office.
In ALLPCB office, We have experienced engineers to provide professional assistance while review customers’ Gerber file, instant quote system to quote in minutes less than traditional mailing and 24/7 dedicated customer support to solve customers’ order issues.

ALLPCB Manufacturing Factory (we manufacture PCBs with advanced machine and A-grade material)
The steps of manufacturing PCBs:
1, Produce the manufacturing data
2, Board cutting (with A-grade material, Shengyi substrate )
3, Polishing
4, Drilling ( Imported dongtai drilling machine and compliant with IPC 610-D )
5, PTH( plated through hole)
6, Layer image( dust-free image room): automatic membrane pasting machine with high precision of alignment and imaging,ensure high quality
7, Layer etch: automatic etch production line
8, Automatic optical inspection(AOI) : inspect circuitry against digital images
9, Solder mask: automatic solder mask printing
10, Silkscreen: automatic laser silkscreen printer with multi-nozzle technology , motion control and ink path control make digital printing.
11, Profile : V-scoring- polish and clean
12, Electrical test: High speed flying probe machine ensure the PCBs are qualified with 100% E-test.
13, Final inspection (QC department) : manually checking visual defect.
14, Packaging: vacuum plastic film packaging
15, Delivery: ALLPCB has logistic strategies with DHL which ensure the lead time.

ALLPCB PCB Assembly manufacturing Factory:
ALLPCB PCB Assembly manufacturing includes in-house PCB fabrication, electronic components procurement, stencil and assembly. Save yourself the trouble of talking to multiple vendors! Our products are satisfied with ISO9001 quality control certificate and there is no Set-up/Tooling fee but the most preferential price.

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