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Re: #2 Electricity [Post Homework Here]

Posted: Wed Jan 21, 2015 2:14 am
by ThePyroElectro
Kungfugrip wrote:1. What is Electricity?

The flow of electric current.

2. What ‘Units’ are used to describe electrical Voltage, Current and Power?

Voltage(V), Amperes(A), and Watts(W)

3. If you know that your desktop printer runs off of a 12 Volt power supply and uses 250 milliamp, how much power (in Watts) does your desktop printer require to operate?

250 miliamps=.25 amps

12 x .25 = 3 watts

4. What is the difference between the voltage of a battery and the voltage from a power outlet in your home?

Direct current always positive
Alternating current. Variable

Correct answers! You're ready for lesson 3.