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Using different LEDs on the 8x8x8 LED Cube

Posted: Thu Oct 31, 2013 4:20 pm
by rdavis1
I would like to use a different type of LED than the ones supplied by Jameco for the 8x8x8 LED Cube. I’ve searched the forums and I’ve tried getting the datasheet for the 74HC574D, but I am still unsure if the replacement LEDs will work. Can someone help me determine if the following replacement LEDs will work with the cube? Will I need to change the resistor values?

Replacement LED Specifications:
Brightness: 3000(Typical) ~ 5000(Max)
Color: Warm White
Size (mm) : 3mm
Lens Colour : Diffused
Forward Voltage (V) : 3.0 ~ 3.2
Forward Current (mA): 20
Luminous Intensity Typ Iv (mcd) :
Temperature Color: 3000 ~ 3500K
Viewing Angle : 140 ~ 160 Degree

Original LED Specifications:
Brightness: 8000 mcd
Color: White
Diffused lens
Forward voltage @ 20mA: 3.4V typical
Viewing angle: 120-140°
Dominant wavelength: 650nm
Size: 3mm (T1)