selection of microcontroller?

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selection of microcontroller?

Postby unimate » Mon May 24, 2010 1:31 am

I am planning to build the line maze solving robot. I am using the LSR rule. i.e If in any junction( consider + joint) first the bot go left, if no left then it goes straight and lastly goes right,. The thing is, first the bot has to travel completely and must store the shrtest path direction(like alphabet names in memory. The problem is if I use AT8951 series there is no storage of memory facility, I mean ones the power supply is removed the memory will be erased only the program what we burnt will be present. So please tell me which IC I must use so that the runtime memory allocation must be stored even when the power is removed. Because in line maze solving rechnique the bot intially trace complete path and store the shortest path in memory, so when next run is given it retrieves the path from memory, but in competition both run will not be given cosecutively. After the first run there will be a gap. And I can waste the battery by keeping the bot on....

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Postby ThePyroElectro » Tue Jun 01, 2010 3:44 am


An easy solution would be along the lines of a small flash memory device that communications over I2C or some kind of SPI.

Some examples are the microchip XXLCXX memories (i.e. 24LC128 - 128K memory).

You can find various permanent memory storage solutions on this smaller scale of size. Take a look.

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