Dysfunctional hex file eyes_and_eyebrows.hex

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Dysfunctional hex file eyes_and_eyebrows.hex

Postby Bender » Tue Jul 09, 2013 8:37 pm

The eyes_and_eyebrows.hex only moves 4 servos,
and the animatronic_eyes.hex only moves 2 servos.

Almost like the two hex files are separately divided in to eyebrows separate and eyes separate.
Something definitely seems wrong with it. :shock:

IF I use the "Animatronic_Mouth.hex" then suddenly ALL 6 servos (for eyes&eyebrows) work!

(Also on a sidenote there was some noob trouble guessing the proper programming settings for transfering the hex file to burn/program the PIC18F452, however finally got that solved.)

This site is a totally awesome initiative, but we are some fans here thats not quite on pyro's awesomness-level :oops:

Help would be utmost appreciated pyro!



PS. Somebody else must have encountered this phenomenon, how you mates solve it?

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