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hex file...

Postby Aaron S M » Fri Dec 12, 2008 1:33 pm

Hi Pyroelectro,

When I open my winpic800 , I have chosen the chip, (PIC16F84A), and now in the window, it looks like this:

0x0000: 3FFF 3FFF 3FFF 3FFF 3FFF 3FFF 3FFF 3FFF ?.?.?.?.?.?.?.?.
0X0008: 3FFF 3FFF 3FFF 3FFF 3FFF 3FFF 3FFF 3FFF ?.?.?.?.?.?.?.?.
0X0010: 3FFF 3FFF 3FFF 3FFF 3FFF 3FFF 3FFF 3FFF ?.?.?.?.?.?.?.?.

and so on.

I have looked up on the internet and noticed code written much differently, such as:

"movlw d'0' ;Place 0 into working register
movwf Count ;Move W into Count"

This ^ latter type I can understand much more so then the first example that is shown above.

1. This winpic800 , am I suppose to create the hex file using it?(as I am sure I do) and if so, do you know any links to some tutorials on how to use the winpic800 software to create a hex file?

2. one other question, if you will, : you see that first example I show you above, that shows"3FFF" , when I try to type in , "GOTO" commands or any commands as such, it does nothing it remains 3FFF.
Do you know if I am suppose to have the programmer connected to my computer while I am creating the Hex file, using winpic800?

3. Do I need to download microchips IDE? then send that to winpic? then program from winpic to my jdm programmer? or do I just write the code using winpic800 then program?

4.if I do need to download MPAB IDE, which one do I download, (for the two that is shown in your tutorial is no longer on microchip website, instead it is now v8.10 or v8.15a) but then if you go to the ones they have in there archive, there is a whole bunch of ones to choose, and thenn the one you Do have, is there , if you see, there is one that is v7.60).
do I download the v7.60 ? from there archive? is it the same as the v7.60a that you have in your tutorial?

Basically, I have much notes and such, but it doesn't seem to help with the winpic800, all notes found on the web is about microchip's IDE software.

-Aaron- going to keep trying untill I get it right.

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Postby ThePyroElectro » Fri Jan 02, 2009 7:51 am

Hi Aaron,

When you open a hex file inside winpic800 you will only see hex values like the ones you showed me.


These are all hex values. The compiler from MPLAB makes the hex file which changes the text of "mov blah,blah" into machine code 0's and 1's.

To create a hex file you need to first use MPLAB to create a sample program, then compile it. This will make the hex file for downloading to the PIC. Any version of MPLAB will work for you.

Aaron S M
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Postby Aaron S M » Sat Jan 03, 2009 3:47 pm

thank you and happy new year

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